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bullet About the Website authorNeil Roger-Davis

Neil Rogers-Davis was born in Essex, England, in the mid-1940s although he has lived most of his life in West Sussex. He is married and has two sons. Neil and his wife have been interested in genealogy since 1992 and are members of the Sussex Family History Group. Neil's basic philosophy in genealogy is to share information with others and not to treat it as a personal possession.amimated tree

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Further information required may be obtained from the site author Neil Rogers-Davis by clicking on the link below. Similarly, the author would welcome any constructive comments on these pages.


bullet Reference material

Bricks & Water - 100 years of Social History in Clapham & Patching Villages (Gillard, Best, Bacon & Crowther)

Cider (National Association of Cider Makers)

Dictionary of British Artists

Dictionary of Victorian Landscape Painters

Family Tree Maker - Family Finder

History of Burwash

History of Goring and Highdown (F. Fox-Wilson)

History of Sussex, A (J.R. Armstrong)

International Genealogical Index

Kelly's Directories

Records of Rye

Royal Academy of Arts - Exhibitors

Sussex Archaeological Records

Sussex Records Society (Custumals, Feet of Fines, Lathe Court Rolls)

Victorian History of Sussex, The

Worthing Gazette, The

bullet Acknowledgments

The author would like to acknowledge the significant contribution by Jennifer Gaymer in relation to research of the Gaymer family. He would also like to thank David Potten and Detlef Potten-Quade for information relating to the Kent and Continental Pottens respectively, and to all the other contributors of information who regrettably are too numerous to mention.

bullet About the Site

This site was produced by Davis Website Developments using SoftQuad HoTMetaL Pro v.6, MS Word 97, Ged2html, GenMap UK, Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact v.3.02SE. It is best viewed using MS Internet Explorer at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768.

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